We work precious metals since 1874 with the utmost attention to detail, creating works of unparalleled quality art.
We are specialists in coating lesser noble materials with noble ones, creating durable and long-lasting pieces, either jewelry, cutlery or decoration.
We apply galvanization on brass, copper, alpaca, sterling silver, stainless steel, among others.

We offer 4 services of galvanization:

Galvanization dips of 350l of sterling silver, with a purity of 99%.


Hardness of 90 to 100Hv with thickness from 3 to 10µm

Hardness of 150 to 220Hv with thickness from 10 to 40µm

Galvanization dips of 15l

Gold flash in the following colors: red, pink and yellow, ranging from 18 to 24kt

Galvanization dips of 7l

Yellow gold of 24kt with thickness from 1 to 5µm

Galvanization dips of 7l of Rhodium, with a purity of over 99% and high toughness.

Galvanization dips of 300l of copper.


Acid copper plating bath (glossy)

Alkaline copper plating bath (satin)

For further technical information and pricing requests please contact

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