Projects Co-financed by EU

Project Desigantion: Topázio Green Energy
Project code | 2595
Main Purpose | Reduction of energy consumption in the distribution network and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Intervention region | North
Beneficiary entity | Ferreira Marques & Irmăo SA

Approval date
| 03-14-2023
Start date | 02-01-2023
Completion date | 12-31-2023
Eligible expense | €211,730.00
Assigned support | €158,797.50

Project overview:
Ferreira Marques e Irmăo S.A. (hereinafter referred to as Topázio and/or company) applied for notice 03/C11-i01/2022 with a view to ensuring the adoption of energy efficiency and decarbonisation measures in the industry within the scope of its environmental sustainability policy. Topázio manufactures and sells jewellery, cutlery and decoration items, using silver as its main raw material, which can be combined into crystal, glass, ceramics or wood pieces. The productive activities carried out at the company are highly dependent on energy, with electricity representing around 90% of global energy consumption. Thus, within the scope of this project, the company seeks to adopt measures aimed at reducing GHG emissions and increasing energy autonomy, through the replacement of lighting systems with more energy efficient systems and the installation of 1 photovoltaic UPAC with a significant impact in the domains of intervention 024ter and 029, respectively.

With these investments, Topázio aims to achieve the following results:

Estimated decrease in greenhouse gas emissions
43.44 tons of CO2 equivalent

Annual decrease in final energy consumption
30.58 toe

Installed power in UPAC
294.30 KWp


Project Designation: Individual Internationalization Project

Project code  |  POCI-02-0752-FEDER-011778

Main purpose  |  Increase the company's competitiveness

Intervention region  |  North

Beneficiary entity  |  Ferreira Marques & Irmăo SA


Date of approval  |  26/01/2016

Start date  |  04/09/2015

Ending date  |  03/09/2018

Total eligible cost  |  504.984,23€

Financial support from the European Union |  FEDER - 227.242.90€


Project overview:

With this internationalization project, the company aims to achieve penetration in five new markets (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Mexico and Oman), and for such proposes, to develop actions that are related to the following operation types:

- Knowledge of foreign markets by participating in international fairs and exhibitions;

- Attracting new customers from international markets, making prospecting trips in those markets;

- Carrying out several marketing actions aimed at the international markets;

- Web presence through the digital economy, with the design of digital catalogues as well as the development of the company website.

With this internationalization project, the company intends to increase its international sales volume by € 1,331,511.89, as well as an increase in the total turnover of € 1,899,636.85


Project designation: Qualification for Internationalization Project

Project code  |  POCI-02-0853-FEDER-011919

Main purpose  |  Incresa the company's competitiveness

Intervention region  |  North

Beneficiary entity  |  Ferreira Marques & Irmăo SA


Date of approval | 09-06-2016

Starting date  |  08-09/2015

Ending date | 07/09/2017

Total eligible cost | 63.984,66€

Financial support from the European Union |  FEDER -  28.793,10€


Project overview:

In order to achieve the competitive advantage necessary to succeed in the process of expanding the domestic and international markets, the company set an investment strategy, endowed with innovative management tools responsive to the needs of the markets.

Inserted in this strategy, the company invested in management, applying a new method of management to all business processes, from production, distribution to the management of human resources by investing in an integrated information system, that manages all information relating to all activities pertaining to its value chain and which falls in the Investment typology of Organizational Innovation and Management.