Bespoke portfólio

Special collection of the commemoration of the 40 years of the Independence of Angola.


Commemorative Piece of 40 Years Angola


As all that is good and has a source, despite the position which appears to be a thinker - and by the way usually skinny bastard -, in this piece we witnessed an element towards the trampoline bear position of a rich men, justifying this the riches of Angola.


Commemorative Piece of 40 Years Angola


The time in Angola has a different value, own. Right
an almost surreal dimension in everyone's life. With measurement particular, tends to contradict modern conventions uniform from the time of the Egyptians, Chinese and other ancient civilisations.

Commemorative Piece of 40 Years Angola


The piece entitled ' CONTEMPORARY ' is an abstract figurative which translates to harmony and contemporary, with curved lines, smooth texture and expressive rhythmic shapes that give the work a unique and gentle appreciation of our interpretations.


Commemorative Piece of 40 Years Angola


In one of the many wanderings by beaches, found this object to the look conferred plasticity and importance. Stoves are vital in everyday life, so it occurred to me the idea of the play in another sculptural scale.


Commemorative Piece of 40 Years Angola


Piece inspired by the guerrillas carrying the flag 
national of Angola.


Commemorative Piece of 40 Years Angola


Complex piece replete with symbolism alluding to the Angolan history and culture. The shape suggests a clay pot, handmade object associated with the Earth, to the protection/pregnancy/maternity, rituals of various ethnic groups and traditional gastronomy.

Commemorative Piece of 40 Years Angola


This work brings together some elements that symbolize the Angolan reality since your independence, of which the stand out star and the hammer. The star symbolizes luck, hope, happiness, the lighting and the destination wonderful in the country. The hammer translates the work, the devotion, the spirit of progress and the success of Angola.


Commemorative Piece of 40 Years Angola


Raising our culture, singing to the sound of drumming 
rhythmic, this piece draws on poem of the late President Dr. António Agostinho Neto ' we're going to come back'.


Commemorative Piece of 40 Years Angola MAYEMBE

This piece demonstrates solidarity between the 
African peoples. Are metaphors which express 
the expansion and the irradiation that provides 
the visibility of harmony, balance and rhythm affirming the particularity of the peoples of Africa.


Commemorative Piece 40 Years Angola MPAMBUKIDI LUNFIDI

Situated in southern Africa, Angola
has various riches. Passed 30 
years of war, we're celebrating
our dipanda. With 13 years of peace,
we have the future.


Commemorative Piece of 40 Years Angola


Necklace composed of 18 golden circles, representing the 18 Angolan provinces. In contour the neckline, the chains move representing the popular dances and Carnival of Victoria. Tribute to the woman Angolan warrior, source of life and hope, peace and reconciliation.