Silver pieces can be used every day

There are people who never grow old, values that never go out of style and objects that never get worn out.
The brilliance of silver is eternal. Trust Topázio's secular work and restore its pieces in silver or silver plated.


Topázio offers a restoration service to extend the life of your silver and silverplated pieces.

Visit our store or contact us and entrust your pieces to the care of our specialists.

However, for your silver or silver your silver or silver plated pieces remain their characteristic beauty and shine for longer they only need maintenance and minor care.  To this end, Topázio has at its disposal a line of cleaning and care products that will make your task quick and easy.

Basic Maintenance Rules

For all silver and silver -plated pieces:

  • Always use cotton, a soft cloth or a sponge to clean your pieces;
  • Never use abrasives;
  • Always use the proper products to clean silver.

Cutelary and serving ware:

  • Rinse under water after using, never let any residues dry. There are various foods that corrode silver if they are left in contact with the metal for too long, such as vinegar, lemon, salt, etc.;
  • Cutlery can be washed in the machine at a medium temperature;
  • After rinsing, dry well with a soft cloth;
  • If necessary, rub with a silver glove or cloth.

Maintenance Products