P2020 SI Internationalization

For the execution of project Internationalization of Topazio - Project No. 11778’, our company, Topazio/Ferreira Marques & Irmăo, SA, submitted in September 2015, at the 2020 office, an application for “Portugal 2020”.


The application to the call for tenders no. 19/SI/2015 in the scope of the SI Internationalization of Small and Medium Companies has the objective of strengthening the competitiveness of the company, in pursuant to Decree-Law No. 159/2014 of 27 October, and Ordinance No. 57-A/2015 of February 27, amended by Ordinance No. 181-B/2015 of 19 June (RECI).


In the scope of this project the following investment amounts were granted:


Start of the Project: 2015-09-04


Duration of the Project: 24 months


End of the Project: 2017-09-07


Total investment: Eur 518.484,23


Eligible investment: Eur 504.984,23


Non repayable subsidy: Eur 227.242,90